The DTHM for kaiako website aims to be a specialised website built for teachers of the Digital Technology and Hangarau Matihiko curricula content. The website is initially being developed by three groups who have been worked collaboratively in this space for many years:

  • University of Canterbury Computer Science Education Research Group - This group has built an enviable reputation for producing Computer Science education resources. In particular: CS Unplugged and CS Field Guide. These are used to teach computer science to school students in a variety of cultures and contexts around the world.
  • Digital Technologies Teachers Aotearoa - An association with the goal of advocating for our subjects. The aim of the association is to create a community of teachers where we can share resources, communicate and speak with one voice to get our subject area recognised and supported.
  • AATEA Solutions

This website is currently in development so please bear with us as appearances and features change. We have released this website in an alpha state as we value feedback and ideas from educators of the DTHM curricula content. We have been planning this website since 2011 and are working on the following:

  • A resource hub where educators can find resources which are easily searchable, taggable, and filtered. Users can also download, remix, and reshare resources.
  • An event hub where educators can find and register for DTTA professional development events. The website will prefill registration forms with your profile's basic details (for example dietary requirements).
  • A community hub for DTTA members to easily communicate with one another, manage their membership, and collobrate together to support their student's learning needs.

If you have a question regarding the website, check out our FAQ page.

For details on how to contact us, see our contact page.

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